Microscopes in general, a standard blue filter is used. The main purpose of the filter extends to the blue to yellow light to white light halogen lamp to translate.

Grass Glass

Light Source

Brand: BAB
Model: BAB-STR60
Maje: Turkey

LED-60 LED Ring Light for Stereo Microscopes (60 LED Bulb).
Ring light for perfect fit and high (cold) light is a very efficient light emitting diodes (LED).
Must have a rating of 100,000 hours LED life.
Outer diameter: 85 mm
Inner diameter: 61 mm
Output voltage: DC 12V
Adjust the brightness: 0-100%
Working range: 50-250 mm

C-Mount Camera Adapter

All microscopes are for C-mount Camera Adapter.

BAB Microscopy

Olympus microscope: 0.5x Focus Lock
Zeiss microscope: Diameter 30mm, Magnification: 0.5x, Screw Mount: 1 "× 1/32, used for an inverted microscope.
Leica microscope
Nikon microscope 0.63x CCD

Micrometer Lam

Research Microscope
Laboratory Microscope
Fluorescent Microscope
Invert  Microscope
Metallurgical Microscope
Polarize Microscope
Stereo Microscope
Projection Microscope
USB Mic. Cameras
BAB Image Analysis