BAB Microscopy & Image Analysis Systems

FOUNDER :Babacan UĞUZ / Mathematics Engineer.(Istanbul Technical University)

We as BAB LTD. are producing image analysis and processing systems since 1993 and microscopes since 2009

BAB ltd as its working in the field of software and hardware is closely following developments in the IT sector.Our goal is to develop software for image processing and analysis software and software that produces the appropriate solution.Image analysis software applications has been serving in many areas such as : R & D, laboratory, product development, material analysis, genetic, comet assay,orthopedics.

We also produce data base programs for foundations,associations and for goverment usage.We have 'Correspondence and project','bid tender' programs and web applications, image archive,clinical follow-up softwares too.Special projects have been developing software and hardware line if its requested in any time
Our Vision

Our Vision :

Developing better software in image processing and analysis, data base, web software and hardware fields. Solutions in all sectors.
       According to the demands of our customers,to develop software, to produce the solution, and determined to create an international competition.
             To work together whom loves to produce
         To be the place that is the dream working place of the people who loves producing,challenge and competition.

Our Mission :

Having the customer satisfaction as its first priority in developing strategies,producing software and giving the best after selling support have been BAB's most important value.
Having a place just in the middle of the changes happening in the IT field and science,developing leading and trustable softwares and solutions in the R & D and industry.

Our Strategy :
To develop high-tech softwares and provide services with trademark registration and ISO quality certificate.
To be the best and to remain a pioneer in software field.
To   Develop high-tech software.

Our goal :

To produce better software and hardware(cameras,microscopes,light sources).

Our Motto

Our Motto :

BAB acts honest and in ethical standart in its operations.For us, accountability, openness, employees, customers, government and forms the basis of our responsibilities towards society.

BAB's goal is to be successful is for commercial activities, and to be successful, we move honest and respectful

Our Differences :

Producing is the sharpest difference that seperates BAB from the other companies.We analyzed the needs of our customers very well,and we have accepted as a duty to lead in medical / industrial software and hardware

Using information technologies to keep pace with increasing competition in the world market is indispensable.BAB software, examines the technological developments in the world market as a producer.To improve our position in the market,we are continuously developing and we share it with our customers.

Company Profile

Firma Ünvanı: BAB Yazılım, Donanım, Mühendislik,Medikal Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti
Kuruluş Tarihi: Nisan 1993
Şirket Adresi: Turgut Reis Cad. 46/2 Anıttepe ANKARA
Faaliyet Alanı: Medikal ve Laboratuvar Cihazları, Görüntü İşleme ve Analiz Yazılımı, Veri Tabanı Yazılımı Üretimi ve Satışı
Ödenmiş Sermaye: 60000
Ticaret Sicil No 94003 (Ankara Ticaret Odası)
Banka Bilgileri Banka Hesap Numaraları
Yapı Kredi IBAN : TR59 0006 7010 0000 0087 9036 37
Akbank IBAN : TR55 0004 6001 1288 8000 1293 50
Çalışan Sayısı: 4
Sorumlu Kişi: Babacan UĞUZ

Research Microscope
Laboratory Microscope
Fluorescent Microscope
Invert  Microscope
Metallurgical Microscope
Polarize Microscope
Stereo Microscope
Projection Microscope
USB Mic. Cameras
BAB Image Analysis