BAB Invert Trinocular Microscope

Microscope Infinity Corrected Optical System has a (Infinity Corrected Optical System). The slope of the microscope which is at least 30 degrees for ergonomic use Trinocular hoods.
The distance between the forehead and eyes in the title of 52-76mm adjustable.

Brand: BAB
Origin: Turkey


Microscope "INFINTY AKROMAT" objective and features.
PLAN 10X AKROMAT N.A. 0:25 W.D. 9.67mm
PLAN 20X AKROMAT W.D. .0.40 N.A 7.97mm
AKROMAT PLAN 40X (spring) .0.6 W.D. N.A 3.76mm
Phase-contrast positive 20XN.A. AKROMAT PLAN 0.4 W.D. 7.97mm

1 pair of super-wide-field microscope with 10X eyepieces worth and value of these ocular FN is 21.
There are diopter adjustment on left ocular compartment.

Objects to avoid collision and deformation of the object under the microscope lenses are pad locking system.

Fixed and 240x180mm, Interchangeable Slide Plate (110mm) is

Iris 72mm extra-long working distance condenser NA0.3.

Microscope focusing, on both sides of the body must be made with coarse and fine Handles. Fine focusing accuracy is 1 micron intervals. Coarse focusing has knobunun stiffness properties can be adjusted.

12Volt in microscope illumination, 700-1400Lümen, 15/16W, is 2500saat lasting LED.

Standard Blue, Green, Yellow filters included.

Fluorescent microscopy and optionally other attachments attached properties.
  (B, G, V, UV, these filters can be added if desired.)

Microscope, 5 years against manufacturing defects free of charge, 10 years for a fee replacement
parts and service should be guaranteed.

Product is being manufactured in Turkey, the company committed to doing the production and manufacturing site address should be notified.

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