BAB USB Cameras

BAB Cameras High Resolution and Best image quality.

BAB sa.layan -10 mega pixel picture quality 2MP microscope cameras. excellent
pulls digital images, features oşık methods are applied to the density contrast. Integrated CCD, CCD-CMOS
sensor is absolutely resistant to extremes of light and shows excellent imaging performance.

• Darkfield Transmitted/Reflected
• Brightfield Transmitted/Reflected
• Polarized Light
• Phase Contrast
• DIC / Nomarski Transmitted/Reflected
• Hoffman Modulation
• Gel Documentation
• Materials Science
• Flüoresan
• Ürün Takip VS.

Supplied with Camera BAB Product List

     Installation Cd.
     BAB BabKamera Simple Measurement Software, image acquisition, Live / inanimate image on the Measurement, Measurements Area, Environment, Length, Angle, Counting ..
     Camera Driver
     USB 2.0 Cable
     Standard USB 2.0 cable, 3m

İşletim Sistemi : Win.2000/XP/Vista/Win7
PC(Min) :Pentium 2.5GHz veya Üstü, 1GB RAM, 1 yüksek hızda USB 2.0 Port

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