BAB Stereo Zoom Trinocular Research Microscope

Easy to use, long working distance, with a clean image acquisition,
Medical research and health care, biology, botany, research and complies with all studies, such as agriculture.

Stereo zoom microscopes are 3 types of BAB.

2 - BAB STR50
Magnification range (with a 10x ocular) 0.8x-50X
Total Magnification: 4X-200X (with auxiliary lens)

1 - BAB STR45
Magnification range (with a 10x ocular) 0.7X-4.5x
Total Magnification: 3.5x-180x (with auxiliary lens)

3 - BAB STR40
Magnification range (with a 10x ocular) 1X ~ 4.5x
Total Magnification: 5x-180x (with auxiliary lens)


Title Title trinocular, ergonomic 45-degree curve, 55mm distance between the eyes in the title - is 75mm.

Camera Adapter 0.5x c-mount camera adapter

Ocular Ocular WF10x/20mm is a pair of high çözürlürlüklü on demand WF15X/FN15, WF20X/FN10

Augmentation Zoom Range: 0.7X-must be 4.5x (1x and 7x-45x)
Magnification ratio: 1: 6.5
Total Magnification: 3.5x-225X (with auxiliary lens)

Working Distance Standard 30-160mm

Diopter Correction ± 6 dioptres

Able to return to the microscope head 360 °
At the same axis of the microscope stand-mounted buttons, the focus should be coarse focus knob
Gears metal.

Optional 0.5x, 1.5x, 2x extra magnification lens



We are indebted to the main body of BAB stereo microscope stand, aluminum, gears, metal (brass) material. Diameter of the head holder has been designed in accordance with all brand stereo microscope.

Arm Stand

BAB is the armed stand lower plate of iron, and about 25KG. X and Y axes are pipes made of stainless metal. X and Y axis motion. The mechanism also allow you to use the microscope head has the desired angle.

Stage Addition

Your intended use of various additions are making to go outside the structure of the standard microscope.
Enhance ease of use, your work is a structure in line, please fill in your job easier.

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